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DGT helps businesses to manage their short, medium and long term workforce requirements through delivery of labour hire services including:

  • Recruitment and selection of candidates,
  • HR services and performance management,
  • Payroll and administration,
  • Inductions, including WHS,
  • Worksite support, and
  • WorkCover premiums and claim management.

Why DGT Labour Hire?

DGT’s labour hire services help businesses manage and reduce workforce-related costs, risks and ensure that you have the right people, in the right place at the right time. The benefits for businesses include:

  • Cost savings: DGT’s services save businesses time and costs associated with payroll and managing their workforce,
  • Flexibility: As the legal employer, DGT is responsible for ensuring correct wage rates are applied according to the relevant Industrial Award,
  • Risk Mitigation: Businesses can scale up or down depending on projects and work in progress,
  • Reduced Complexity: DGT manages all employment, industrial, WHS and other matters and provides businesses with a simple contract and single invoice for services and wages, and
  • Wage rates and service fees: Wage rates vary based on the relevant award and DGT will ensure the correct rate is applied for your industry. Wage rate billing will be on an hourly basis and will include provisions for relevant leave and allowances according to the award.

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