DGT Employment and Training joins IntoWork Australia!

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We’re pleased to announce that DGT Employment and Training (DGT) has joined IntoWork Australia!

Effective from Wednesday 29 June 2022, DGT has joined the IntoWork Australia Group of businesses, bringing our services to work together with another well respected, Queensland based business in the Group, MRAEL. This is a significant and exciting move that highlights and strengthens the collective objectives of all three organisations to provide education, skills and support services to local communities.

The new arrangements means that DGT and MRAEL will be able to offer more services, enhanced value and tailored assistance for people and businesses. Put simply, it means that we will be better positioned to deliver a wider range of services to our clients and stakeholders. It also means that we move forward with a much more robust, competitive and sustainable business model.

We have a shared vision to be a leading provider of employment, skills and support solutions and an operating model that provides national reach yet is focussed on each business remaining intrinsically connected to local communities with truly local representation and delivery.

We believe this has created an integrated and efficient organisation, which incorporates all the positive aspects of DGT and MRAEL and creates greater opportunities for us to support individuals and communities. We also aspire to be a leading employer, focussed on ensuring our staff are valued, trained and directed to achieve established outcomes, within a caring, professional workplace framework.

This is a very positive move. It is one that has been created by inspiration and demonstrates the strength of forward thinking organisations joining in an ever changing, and highly competitive, landscape of vocational education and training to ensure our collective sustainability. It is great news for DGT employees in terms of career advancement and will provide DGT staff with opportunities to work in new areas of an expanding national business.

We’re excited about the next step in our business journey, and the opportunities that this change represents for our organisation and the communities that we support. We encourage you to reach out to us if have any queries. During this period of change we will ensure we communicate clearly with all of our stakeholders and continue to deliver high quality services.

Who is IntoWork Australia and MRAEL?

  • IntoWork Australia is now a Group of 13 related businesses operating nationally with a vision of ‘Vibrant Futures’ through its range of integrated Employment, Skills and Support services. Other businesses in the Group include AGA, MRAEL, MAS National, Kestrel, HTN, CTC, Work & Training, Interact, IntoJobs, iTFE, FindStaff and Stockdale. Started nearly 40 years ago, IntoWork now supports tens of thousands of individuals in their career and individual pathways, and many thousands of employers with a range of workforce solutions.
  • MRAEL is a leading provider of education, training and employment support services in Queensland. MRAEL has been employing and managing apprentices and trainees for over 37 years.
  • Like DGT, IntoWork and MRAEL are for-purpose companies that specialise in delivering tailored services including apprenticeship and traineeship employment and support, nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training and recruitment services.

Will there be any changes to DGT’s current services and processes and do I have to do anything differently?

    • No. There will be no immediate changes to the services DGT currently delivers.
    • There are no changes to the way you need submit timesheets, assessments or anything else.
    • Your DGT trainers, consultants and other contacts remain the same.
    • Over time there may be some changes to processes, but this will be clearly communicated to you.

Should you have any questions or would like any further information or clarification about the new arrangements, please don’t hesitate to contact your consultant or our team at the Toowoomba or Brisbane offices.

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