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Top 5 reasons for Hiring Apprentices

News Article from Saturday 31st March 2018

As an employer and local business owner chances are you have considered hiring an apprentice or trainee at some point to assist with your employment needs. 

You may have also become aware that both the current government are working hard to encourage companies such as yourself to consider hiring apprentices or trainees, by showcasing the benefits of apprenticeship and traineeship programs. 

DGT have been partnering with local businesses to work with apprentices and trainees for over 30 years, we have seen first hand how rewarding and beneficial hiring apprentices is for our local businesses and our local young people. 

Talented young people are also viewing apprenticeships as true alternatives to university, which is great news for employers. 


Here's DGT's top 5 reasons for hiring apprentices for your business;

  1. Simplify recruitment & training
  2. Keep your trade alive
  3. Great value employees 
  4. Attract the best young talent
  5. Support your community & local economy

Apprenticeships make your recruitment & training process simple

Especially when you partner with a Group Training Organisation (GTO) such as DGT. Unless you have a dedicated recruitment division hiring is a very time consuming and important process to get right. 

Because the training is structured, you have invested in them and they are doing hands on training in the workplace, your Apprentice feels valued. This builds their confidence so that they work more effectively for your business. This means existing staff can be freed up to work on other projects, too. It’s a win-win situation.

Be the one to create a future and sustain your trade. 

Throughout history, men and women have obtained knowledge and learnt skills in a variety of ways—through accident, observation, trial and error, formal and informal learning, and combinations of these. Apprenticeships have a long history as a way of learning while working, particularly for the craft or trades occupations.

They are the only path of learning to continue valued trades within society and by taking on an apprentice you are contributing to the longevity of your trade and the knowledge of future generations. 

Apprenticeships are Great Value Employees

All of the external structured training your apprentice completes to help bring the knowledge up to the level required in most cases is fully funded from the government.

As an employer payroll can be a difficult and laboursome task, however partnering with a GTO and employing an apprentice means you don't have to worry about administering any of their pay, you also pay one easy to understand all inclusive hourly rate wage.

All inclusive means everything is included. Simply pay this rate for the hours the apprentice works and nothing more. 

Employers benefit from having an employee who becomes more and more productive as time passes. The relatively high costs of employing first-year apprentices can be acceptable to employers on the basis that, by the third and fourth years, apprentices attain a work value about the same as a tradesperson but receive apprentice wages that are less than the qualified rate.

Choosing apprenticeships gives employers the best opportunity to attract the best young talent.

Especially when you partner with a Group Training Organisation (GTO) such as DGT.

We have thousands of local young people and potential apprenticeship candidates approach us every year and employ hundreds more. 

We have effective screening methods through our recruitment process that means we know talent when we see it. 

Benefit from this top tier talent within your business to create better business outcomes which means a better chance of success for both your company and your apprentice. 

When you hire an apprentice, you do your bit for the young people, the local community and the countries future. 

Apprenticeships have benefited the community through its role in providing a supply of skilled people to provide quality goods and services, especially when you partner with a Group Training Organisation (GTO) such as DGT. 

As a long standing community member organisation DGT are proud of the ways they have always worked to give back to the community through training and education. 

Help us continue to contribute to our communities success and keep unemployment at the low levels our region is known for. 

Ready to learn more about hiring apprentices and becoming a host employer?

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We're ready when you are.


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