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Top 3 Tips for School Leavers

News Article from Tuesday 13th September 2016

Now is the time to ready yourself for life after school. But where do you start. Check our DGT's tips for school leavers below;

1. Know yourself

Take the time to really think about what you like to do, how you like to learn, whether you are practical and what life you want to be leading.

Do you like to work outdoors/indoors?

Do you like to work in teams or by yourself?

DGT offers a free Career testing service to help you determine what careers will be best suited to your preferences/skills. 

Contact Us now to get a hold of your personalised career test. 

2. Set your sights on the finish line

To know exactly where to start set a goal for where you would like to end up and write it down on paper. 

Whether you choose a position you would like to end up in - ie. Head Chef, Plumbing business owner, Travel Agent etc. or whether you choose what level of qualification you are hoping to achieve - ie. Certificate IV, Bachelors Degree or PHD. 

Then work backwards to figure out the best steps to take on your pathway to your own personal success. 

Don't know what the finish line looks like? That's ok too, our advice is to get started in a career that suits your skills right now, then you can re-evaluate when the time is right. 

Still be setting yourself goals at least every year, and write them down on paper. Try to accomplish 3 major goals each year - ie.

- I have completed my first year as an apprentice mechanic 

- I have saved $2000 for my first car

- I moved out of home into a rental with 2 mates and pay $150 a week rent 

Notice how when writing your goals you must always use the Present Perfect tense - this helps your mind in accepting the manifestation of this into your reality. Trippy huh!

3. Start now

Many school leavers fail to plan and therefore plan to fail. 

Make sure you start planning for your future now, don't think it will just take care of itself or that you have plenty of time to work it out, as trust us life happens and it flys by if you're not prepared. 

Do your research, then seek as much help and support to get you started. Talk to your parents, talk to us, register your interest for positions now and be sure you are on the radar for positions with local businesses in your chosen industry as soon as possible. 

Check out more on becoming an apprentice here. 

Register as a potential candidate here. 

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