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The Youth have spoken!

News Article from Wednesday 15th November 2017

Young people today are concerned about their future. They worry they won't be able to afford a house, get a good enough job or that they will be treated fairly when trying to do so - the census has found.

The Skillsroad 2017 Youth Census was commissioned by Apprenticeship Support Australia and surveyed more than 13,000 people between the ages of 15 to 24 and the results are in.

The survey commented "Overwhelming, the biggest worry about growing up in Australia is housing affordability, with almost one third (31.9%) of young people ranking that as their biggest worry, followed by there not being enough jobs (18.1%), being treated unfairly or discriminated against (12.3%) and then mental health issues (10.1%)."

These worries then correlate to Young Peoples career choices. They may provide insight into why pay has such a high priority when young people are choosing careers.  

What is surprising is the concern about there not being enough jobs as given in many industries there is a current skills shortage.

When it comes to personal worries, coping with stress was the biggest concern (27.6%), followed by school and study problems (24.1%) then body image (18.5%).

This data leads the survey to conclude that 'It’s important young people have and continue to have access to evidence based interventions, tools and support in dealing with these pressures.'

So what did young people list as their next step after school?

  • 52.3% - Go to University*

  • 18.3% - Take a Gap Year 

  • 9.3% - Take on an apprenticeship or traineeship

  • 6.7% - Get a casual job

  • 6.5% - Attend a private college or TAFE

  • 0.3% - Do nothing

*So we can see that most people are thinking of going to University however over a third of respondents worry about the finances required to do so. Perhaps this is another reason to consider a more practical pathway in an appreticeship or traineeship where most graduate debt free.

The study continued that when considering an apprenticeship or traineeship, males are five times more likely than females to pursue an apprenticeship or traineeship pathway. From the 9.3% who said they would take on an apprenticeship or traineeship 21.8% were males compared to only 4.6% of females.

When it came to opinions on apprenticeships and traineeships, 38% said the biggest concern was locating one, with 1 in 5 also concerned about balancing work and study.

Mr Rickard said with rising youth unemployment and a growing skills shortage in Australia, the challenge was now for government and industry to find a way to solve both.

He said traineeships and apprenticeships were still a valuable option for students.

How does this data help us all?

Danielle Buckley the Registered Psychologist for Skillsroad said ‘This research is critical in providing an evidence based approach to ensuring our youth transition successfully into the workforce and flourish, benefiting themselves and Australian businesses.’

Understanding our Young People's concerns and current state of mind can drastically improve not only our company's approach but also the approach of all local Darling Downs employers. 

Bearing these statistics in mind when choosing an apprentice or trainees for your business will assist employers in relating to the needs of their potential candidates.

If you are seeking an apprenticeship or traineeship or relate to any of the data above as one of our young people then it is helpful to know you are not alone and you are being listened to. 

Looking for some more direction for your future career? Get in touch with the DGT team today. 

Are you an employer considering an apprentice or trainee? Register your interest or vacancy here.


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