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The outlook is Sonny!

News Article from Monday 22nd August 2016

Our main man Sonny Pan has now embarked on his latest journey with his new Certificate 1 in Construction learners. 

Sonny will be training out of the Harlaxton Community Centre and has had a full enrolment for his career kickstarter course. 

Sonny’s first course was run in conjunction with Wilsonton Heights Community Centre and his current and next upcoming course beginning September 19th is run in conjunction with Harlaxton Community Centre.

DGT’s aim is to continue working with community centres that are interested in hosting students and Sonny at a grassroots level to fully enable community members access to what Sonny is doing and what DGT is achieving.

Sonny’s course is a kickstart to a career not only in construction but in any field or area the student discovers an interest in with Sonny’s help. Past students of Sonny praise his efforts and all of them agree that his course makes them feel better about themselves and their prospects. 

Interested in learning with Sonny? Then click here to join us.


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