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National Skills Week is here!

News Article from Wednesday 30th August 2017

National Skills Week launched Monday with the overall goal to inspire people to discover and use their talent through quality vocational education and convince others of its real value to individuals and society.

National Skills Week (NSWk) - which runs from Monday the 28th of August through til Sunday the 3rd of September serves as the the focal point for the promotion of Australia’s Vocational Education and Training sector (VET).

This year’s theme ‘More than you know’, reflects the myriad of career pathways that people interested in high quality, nationally-recognised qualifications can pursue.

At Monday’s launch on the Gold Coast Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills, Karen Andrews, said “National Skills Week is a celebration of the positive effect the VET system has on the lives of every Australian,” she continued “Whether you’re still at school, finishing secondary school studies, transferring skills, or thinking of changing or advancing your career, VET is a great choice that offers real pathways to new skills and real jobs.”

The Skilling Australia Foundation (SAF), a not-for-profit organisation which conducts skills assessments and provides relevant Industry based short courses, has called for the status of the vocational training industry to be raised.

DGT's own program the Toowoomba Construction Skills Program is funded through the SAF and is looking for our next round of trainees!

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The report released in May by SAF – titled: ‘Perceptions are not reality: myths, realities & the critical roles of vocational education & training in Australia’ – sought to clarify a number of myths about the sector.

For example did you know that;

  • VET graduates have a higher employment rate than university undergraduates. More than 78% of VET graduates are employed after training vs around 69% of University grads. 


  • VET graduates earn wages comparable to, if not exceeding, that of university graduates

The report will help, parents, career advisors, school leavers and our young jobseekers in getting their fact's straight and busting myths about the VET industry. 

Check out the report here. 

SAF CEO, Nicholas Wyman, is quoted in the report concluding that “In comparison with university undergraduate programs, VET usually provides students with a faster, more cost-effective pathway to complete a qualification and enter the workforce.”

This was also a view supported by Andrews, who said VET graduates have the advantage of being trained to be ‘work ready’.

“I encourage all employers to seek them out. Not only are VET graduates trained in a world class education system, their qualifications are designed and delivered by industry experts,” she said.

Every year since its inception in 2011, National Skills Week has recognised, celebrated and informed students and the wider public of the diversity, benefits and career pathways associated with Vocational Education and Training (VET). 

DGT fully support this National initiative and will continue to champion the benefits of this important industry for the future of our community, our region, our state and our country.

To find out more on how a VET pathway can benefit you contact DGT and talk to our team today. 

Or check out the National Skills Week website for loads of interesting information, events, and testimonies. 







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