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Mal's Gal's complete!

News Article from Tuesday 8th March 2016

Mal Harders is bursting with pride today as four of his Trainees all based at Western Regional Downs Council complete their traineeships!

"It's a really good feeling when 1 of mine completes, now to have all 4 complete at once is awesome!".

Tahlia Judge, Naomi Monk, Holly Tamakehu and Sheriden Trickett were our committed trainees hosted with Western Regional Downs Council in Dalby. 

Tahlia, Naomi and Holly all completed their Certificate III in Business with Sheridan completing a Certificate III in Record Keeping. 

Naomi applied for the traineeship while studying a Bachelor of Business at USQ. "I took a year off Uni to do this traineeship, get practical experience and to see if it was really for me" 

You may be wondering well was it?

"Definitely! I will be going back to uni part time and will continue working in business"

Holly has always had her sight set on Business. 

"This has been my first full time job out of school, in school I did a Certificate II in Business and doing the Cert III was a good opportunity to progress". 

Holly now has her sights set on her next qualification - Certificate IV in Business, with the eventual dream being to become an Executive Assistant. 

"I love organizing myself and other people, I really enjoy helping them be successful." 

Sheridan like Holly took up the position straight after graduating from school. "I found it very useful and learnt things I didn’t even know existed! It really has been an eye-opening experience."

Sheridan hopes to continue her career in council as long as she can "I am hoping to use this experience to get me another job in council - which for now it has!"

Sheridan explains "After Mal had conducted our sign off, the council came back in and explained that there were offering us another 6 months with them!"

Holly continues "Our 6 month extension will be between various council departments helping with various things"

Naomi talks of her overall experience "There were ups and downs but in the end we got there and I am happy with it and that’s the main thing."

Tahlia talks of her time with Mal "Mal was amazing, any queries we had or any issues it was sorted that day more than willing to make our time with DGT worthwhile".

For anyone considering following in the same path as our Golden Girls Tahlia says "Go for it, always good to have another qualification under your belt and it was a great experience that I would wish on anyone."

So why not join us in creating a better career pathway for your tomorrow. 


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