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Maddie the Legal Eagle!

News Article from Monday 28th May 2018

Maddelyn Ruddle is soaring ahead with her administration career within the legal industry after having completed her Certificate III in Business Administration last Friday. Maddelyn was fortunate enough to gain exposure in the legal profession, with her Host Business Aden Lawyers. 

When asked how Maddie found her traineeship she said 

"Great I learnt a lot, everyday was something new and I have gained a lot of experience in many areas not just law. It has been very helpful, it is giving me a lot of direction of where I want to be in 5 years and how I want my career to progress. Doing a traineeship has been helpful in cementing my idea for the future" 

Amanda Lazarus, Maddies Employment Consultant pictured with her was proud to support Maddie along the way in working with Aden Lawyers. Maddie said this about working with DGT;

"DGT are very supportive, very supportive environment, recommended if you want to do a traineeship, as I always had someone to talk to and it always felt like I had someone on my side." 

There was no particular highlight for Maddie as there were so many great moments for her.

Receiving a nationally recognised qualification, enhancing her general knowledge, gaining experience in problem solving and being able to see a future career path were just a few reasons mentioned by Maddie.

What’s next for Maddie?

Maddie is currently seeking a step up administration position in a new industry to further expand her experience, eventually working her way up the ranks to Office Manager! As her heart lies in the Law industry if a position becomes available with a career path to a Paralegal, Maddie will pursue this. 

Aden Lawyers are pleased to have Maddie continue with them on a casual basis as she hunts for her next big opportunity. 

When asked what Maddie would say to anyone considering a traineeship this is what she said;

"Definitely do it. At the end of the day qualifications are everything in this world and to gain one with that kind of support, having someone on your side, batting for you and always in your corner, it’s definitely the way to go."


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