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News Article from Tuesday 27th June 2017

When seeking your new career opportunity, you are most likely going to need to ace a job interview.

The more prepared and confident you are the better your chances of getting the job you want.

So let us help you prepare a little...

We asked our Employment Consultants for their insiders tips on just what prepared and confident looks like to them. Here’s what they look for at job interviews with their apprentice or trainee job candidates. 

What should candidates prepare for interview?  


Firstly understand DGT as a company. Jump on our website ( and have a look around. Research who we are and what we stand for prior to attending an interview. Please make sure you understand that we will be your legal employer. 

Secondly, research the industry you want to work in. Make sure you have an understanding of the type of work involved and what career paths are available within your chosen industry.

What do you look for immediately when first meeting a candidate? 

We immediately look at how you present yourself. Are you on time, dressed smartly, neat and tidy, freshly showered?! 

Then we look for good eye contact - no darting eyes or staring Nora's though.

Next we look for confidence in yourself and your ability. Too little and you let yourself down, too much and you may overdo it. Just know in yourself that you are enough and we wouldn't have asked you to join us for a job interview if we weren't already impressed. 

Also punctuality, if you can’t be on time for the first step in the process how can we trust you will turn up to work for our host employers on time?

So; presentation, good eye contact, confidence, punctuality.

What can the candidate do during the interview to impress you?  

Firstly, listen well. Be attentive when we are speaking and show an interest in what we are saying.

Secondly, speak well. Speak confidently and clearly, show genuine interest in your chosen career path as an apprentice or trainee.

Also have some understanding of what their apprenticeship or traineeship will take.

What mistakes do candidates make at the interview stage? 

Top 5 are;

  1. Unprepared and have done no research
  2. Show up late and/or look untidy
  3. Don’t show a genuine interest 
  4. Not realising DGT will be the employer
  5. Bringing a phone into interview and not having it turned off and put away
What questions do you like getting from candidates?  

All questions are welcome, however we like the one’s where you are showing a genuine interest or curiosity best. 

Any other helpful comments for DGT's jobseekers?  
  • Be contactable with an up to date email address and mobile phone number. Sort out your phone with a professional sounding voice mail message.
  • Provide a professional email address not one you thought would be funny when you were in highschool.
  • Make sure all of your personal details present the right image to prospective employers.
  • Check that your social networking profile is suitable.
  • As we speak to so many candidates we can’t always contact all of those who are not successful, so if you don’t hear from us your details will be kept on file only for the next 3 months. If you want to keep yourself relevant, keep checking our website ( to see whats available that you may be able to apply for. 
  • Go through the list of documents and details you need to have before you set out for your interview
  • Remember your interview begins the moment you arrive at the company. Be polite and courteous to everyone you meet as if they were the ones hiring you, because you never know they might be!
  • We know job interviews can be stressful. Take some big deep breaths as you’re waiting and remind yourself to be confident.  Try to enjoy the interview process. Come across as an enthusiastic and positive candidate who fits the position.

Looking for your next career move? Then let us help you to be better - together with DGT. Register here. 

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