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Exciting Trainee partnership!

News Article from Thursday 10th August 2017

DGT have partnered with Toowoomba Regional Council to offer four exciting School Based Traineeships.

Working in regional depots these trainees will be exposed to fantastic learning experiences.

Two of the four Trainees will be undertaking Certificate II Horticulture and two Students will be undertaking Certificate II Civil Constructions.

The Horticulture Trainees will be based with Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) in and around the Goombungee and Milmerran areas gaining experience in;

  • Maintaining plants and planted areas
  • Harvesting and treating plants
  • Constructing horticultural features
  • Applying chemicals and biological agents
  • Maintaining irrigation and drainage systems

The Civil Construction Trainees will be based with TRC in and around the Clifton/Greenmount and Goombungee/Crows Nest areas gaining experience in;

  • Undertaking concreting works
  • Operating power tools
  • General civil construction/labouring
  • Erecting temporary fencing
  • Repairing potholes

School based apprenticeships or traineeships sometimes referred to as SATs offer the opportunity to gain valuable practical life skills, work experience and national qualifications while still studying towards completion of their school studies. 

They are perfect for high school students who want to get a head start on their career. SATs allow high school students to combine school and training with working in a real job, with a real boss, for a real wage.

DGT's Top 3 benefits for this type of learning include;

  1. Build self-confidence levels and get a head start in understanding what it takes to be successful in a real world workplace 
  2. Enable pathways into full time apprenticeships or traineeships or even university
  3. Ability to learn and earn whilst gaining practical skills and experience that are industry specific to your future career

DGT also envision those who chose our quality SATs programs to transition from school into employment with ease and confidence for their future. 

DGT wishes all of our newest School Based Trainees with Toowoomba Regional Council well as they embark on this exciting path and will update you through our website and Facebook page as their journeys continue. 

If you or your school want to create exciting opportunities that can lead to dream careers then be sure to get in touch with the DGT Team. 
Or REGISTER your interest here for future opportunities like this. 
Perhaps you are a local business and want to offer our young people a chance? Check out more here. 


Photo 1 & 2

TRC Councillor Megan O'Hara Sullivan, Students – Lawson Klease, Hayden Howlett and Harry Searchfield, DGT CEO Darren McDonell. 

Photo 3

TRC Kelvin Tytherleigh – Manager People and Organisational Development, TRC Councillor Megan O'Hara Sullivan, Students – Lawson Klease, Hayden Howlett and Harry Searchfield, DGT CEO Darren McDonell.

Exciting Trainee partnership!
Exciting Trainee partnership!

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