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Apprentice run committee formed

News Article from Friday 28th October 2016

This year sees an exciting first for DGT with the introduction of the apprentice run Student Committee.

CEO Darren McDonell explains; 

"The purpose of this committee is to open up a direct line of communication for first-hand feedback from a select group of DGT apprentices and trainees on how DGT can improve their overall employee experience."  

The inaugural meeting of the newly formed "Student Committee" was held on the 5th of September 2016. 

The Student Committee comprises of both apprentices and trainees. 

The founding members include Jacob Robinson - an apprentice electrician currently hosted with GrainCorp, Jai Warner - an IT trainee currently hosted with Clear Pixel and Tarina Wohlers - an apprentice chef working with B & J Rangott. 

The committee will meet with the CEO and his assistant for monthly meetings in the DGT board room at 295 Ruthven Street. For members this will be their chance to have a say and continue to make DGT the preferred employer of choice for all apprentices and trainees.

Open and honest discussion is encouraged with CEO Darren McDonell promising the Student Committee will:

  • Always have a direct line of communication to the CEO
  • Allow meaningful changes to the apprenticeship/traineeship experience
  • Encourage fellow apprentices/trainees to share common experiences and make suggestions for improvements

With members across varied industries such as IT, Hospitality, Agricultural and more this committee is set to bring about positive changes in all areas for the team at DGT. 

DGT are very proud to have established the committee as a pro-active approach to ensuring quality standards are upheld, evolved and elevated. 

To find out more about how DGT can help you into an apprenticeship or traineeship please click here. 



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