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Training at School that rules. 

DGT are immensely proud of our excellent quality School based Training Programs and also our ability to facilitate School based Apprenticeships or Traineeships (SAT’s). Check out more information on each and what the difference is for you below. 

Wait! What’s the difference?

Let’s start with the difference between School based Training and School based Apprenticeships or Traineeships also known as SAT’s. 

School based Training Programs

  • Certificate Level I or II nationally recognised qualifications
  • Unpaid but include Green skills that are learnt for basic level entry into the relevant industry. 
  • They are run in conjunction with your school either in your school grounds or at DGT's purpose built training facility at 56 Duhig Street Harristown.
  • They are run throughout the school year with students attend our courses 1 day a week over 40 weeks.
  • They usually start in February and end in November (with the school holidays off).

There is room for flexibility in this with schools starting programs at other times during the year and carrying over into the following year (for example if students are Year 10 and are continuing into Year 11 and this is feasible for them).

Individual students may also participate in our programs run from Duhig Street without the need for their school to support the program on their grounds. we have a group of students who come to Duhig Street to train on the same basis – 1 day a week for the 40 weeks – all from different schools. Please note this is for Certificate I in Construction only at this stage.

School based Apprenticeships and Traineeships also referred to as SAT’s

  • Paid employment with a host employer on the job
  • Complete an adjacent job specific Certificate qualification and employment
  • Completed over a much longer period, usually around 3-4 years. 

If you’ve made up your mind about which apprenticeship or industry you wish to enter when you leave school this is a fantastic option for you. Get ahead of your competition by starting your career whilst completing your senior studies.

All arrangements are made with your school to allow you to go to work one day per week as an apprentice (on the job training) and study one day per week (off the job training).

You get paid for any time that you spend working. The training that you get will be credited towards a full-time apprenticeship once you finish school, so when all your friends are looking for work, you have the security of knowing that you already have a job and your apprenticeship.

Who are they for?

DGT facilitates training and SAT's for

  • Any student 15 years of age and over. 
  • Local schools interested in providing these programs for their students
  • Local employers interested in taking on school based apprentices or trainees. 

Candidates for these programs, must show a strong interest in the industry you are enrolling for which is gauged through a short application questionnaire and also through relevant aptitude tests taken as part of the enrolment process. 

What is on offer?

Our regular school based training certificate programs are;

  • Certificate I in Construction (includes a White Card)
  • Certificate II in Engineering Pathways
  • Certificate II in Horticulture (includes a White Card)

Other practical life skills you may learn in these programs include;

  • Work, health and safety procedures in a workplace
  • Use of basic tools for their chosen industry
  • Communication skills
  • Working together as a team
  • How to put together a resume and write a job application
How does this help me or my school?

Students benefit from;

  • Provides impressive basic practical skills
  • Assists you in standing out when applying for jobs
  • Transferrable into relevant apprenticeships and traineeships
  • Creates pathways into Construction, Landscaping, Horticulture, Engineering and more!
  • Provides solid foundation for further training

Schools benefit from

  • increasing students access to practical training
  • arming students with relevant employability and life skills.
  • demonstrate additional value to prospective students 

Why choose DGT for schools programs?

  • Quality training that focuses on employability skills
  • Excellent trainers with compassion, passion and commitment to developing students abilities
  • Flexibility in delivery options
  • High completion outcomes 
How do I get started or how can schools partner with DGT 

If you are interested in a school based apprenticeship keep an eye on our Current Vacancies page for opportunities or register your interest in applying using the button below, we will be in touch if there is anything suitable available.

Apply for School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship  

To let us know you are interested in any of our school training programs, please contact us using the button below to get started. 

Let's talk about School Based Training  

Once you have been in touch our Business Consultants will be in touch to further assess your requirements and get you the info you need to in order to get learning. 

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