Code of Conduct

Truth, honesty and integrity set the standard for DGT.

This code of practice based on the principles of truth, honesty and integrity sets the standard for DGT (Downs Group Training) and its subsidiaries to maintain ethical standards and remain responsive to the industrial development of the Australian community.

DGT is committed to:

  • Maximising the potential of all employees, staff and participants through the development of uniform and equitable policies, adequate resources, and full cooperation between government, employers and those seeking skilled training within the Australian industry.
  • Establishing an environment of mutual respect and cooperation between government, industry, other group training companies and the community in the pursuit of these objectives.
  • Ensuring an even and effective flow of communication between employers, employees, participants and those with a legitimate interest in the provision of skilled training within the community.
  • Observation of the conduct of all parties contained in this code.

DGT will recognise the interests of the community and act accordingly:

  • Participating in community activities, utilising available professional skills.
  • Making every endeavour to conserve the environment, having regard to the rights of future generations.
  • Preserving and, wherever possible improving the quality of life within the company’s sphere of influence.
  • Promoting the development of further understanding in society of the role of Downs Group Training Company and its place in the business community.
  • Encouraging community acceptance of entry-level training for disadvantaged groups.
  • Excluding all corrupt practices.

DGT will provide timely, efficient and effective training to apprentices, trainees, staff and fee for service business clients and the general community:

  • The company will endeavour to make the learning process enjoyable and worthwhile.
  • Hands on training will, where possible, be on live sites.
  • Apprentices, trainees and participant’s progress will be monitored both on-the-job and off-the-job to ensure that training has been assimilated and put into practice.
  • Employers and host employers are to be encouraged to visit their employees whilst training and offer a constructive input to the training of their staff.
  • All training and assessment will be conducted and coordinated in compliance with Australian Quality Training Framework standards and other relevant standards.

The CEO will take appropriate actions to achieve the objectives of DGT including:

  • The effective and economic management of all available resources.
  • The appointment and appropriate training and development of employees seeking to integrate their aspirations with requirements of the company.
  • The creation of an equitable, friendly, safe, healthy and satisfying work environment.
  • The practice of delegation of authority wherever possible and the acceptance of responsibilities for the work of subordinates.
  • The fair and equitable treatment and remuneration of employees.
  • The immediate and full disclosure of personal interest, refraining from activities which conflict with the activities of the company.
  • The frequent review of these objectives.

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