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Be the one to create a future.

Congratulations on deciding to hire an apprentice and ensure your trade and skills are passed onto the next generation. Taking on an apprentice or trainee is the gift of a future career for one of our young people, let's look at how it works.

DGT have been the trusted Group Training Provider for over 30 years in apprenticeships and traineeships throughout Toowoomba and the Darling Downs. With a candidate pool in the thousands we look forward to showing you why we have become known as the most reliable Group Training Provider around.

What is a Group Training Organisation and how do they help me hire apprentices?

Group Training Organisations or GTO's assist you in hiring and then employing apprentices or trainees when your business doesn't have the time or resources to perform all of the hiring, recruitment, training and payroll administration.

When you approach a GTO to hire an apprentice you become a host employer. As a DGT Host Employer we will hire and employ apprentices and trainees for you and then host them with you on a short or long-term basis according to your needs to get the practical hands on experience and training they require.

We help you hire apprentices by;

  1. Choosing the right apprenticeship or traineeship program to match your skills and business needs.
  2. Advertising the apprenticeship through multiple online channels.
  3. Screening and Interviewing all prospective candidates.
  4. Handling of all recruiting to find you the best candidate to meet your needs.
  5. Organising all training with a Registered Training Organisation.

All for no upfront cost to you! Ready to reach out and let us know a little more?

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Why would I choose DGT to help me hire apprentices?

Simply put reliability. Rely on us to deliver the best quality apprentice or trainee and support for your business. 

Don't take our word for it though here's why a few of our host employers choose DGT;

Apprenticeships with Downs Group Training (now DGT) are a team effort. Everyone does there bit. This day and age the right people are hard to find and DGT find the people to fill the position. - Les and Beryl Francisco Painting

I have been using Downs Group Training (now DGT) for around 20 years. I see the arrangement as a triangle where DGT find the apprentice, we train the apprentice as the host employer and the apprentice gains a qualification at the end of the contract. DGT provides safety equipment, arrange all the college, ensures paperwork and profiles are up to date and frees up my time to focus on my business. - Andrew @ Town Lighting and Electrical 

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Other reasons to partner with us when employing apprentices are;

  • Expert industry specific screening tests and interviews for apprentice and trainee candidates meaning we ensure your candidates skills are matched to your industry ultimately leading to better quality matches
  • Full recruitment process sorted, which means you save weeks of time and money to stay focused on your business.
  • All industrial relations sorted, which means that you have far less paperwork and payroll to worry about - simply host and mentor.
  • All paperwork sorted. Apprenticeships and Traineeships sure do come with a mountain of paperwork, but DGT will take care of all of that for you, you will be required to fill out the minimum required. 
  • No long term obligations. Not sure if you can commit long term? Give it a try with DGT. As we are the legal employer there is no obligation as the host employer to keep on your new start indefinitely. If your circumstances change we will work up a solution to suit everybody. 
  • Full employment support and industry partner. DGT's expert team are on hand during business hours to offer advice, support and industry knowledge. DGT's employment consultants will visit you and your new protegé every 6-8 weeks at least, to ensure all is running smoothly and working out.

Want to know more? Head on over to see What we offer. Need your questions answered? Check out our FAQ's. 

What does it cost me to hire an apprentice?

Absolutely nothing upfront! Yes that's worth repeating, the full recruitment process all the way through to hiring the apprentice there is absolutely no cost to you. 

If a candidate has been found and then you decide not to commit to the agreement job advertising costs to third parties may be applicable, however we will charge you nothing. 

Once you have joined DGT in hiring the apprentice, we will become their legal employer and you will become their host employer. 

From that point forward you simply pay one hourly rate on a single weekly invoice.

This all inclusive hourly rate includes;

  • Industrial Relations costs
  • Tuition fees for training
  • Payroll of all wages and entitlements
  • WorkCover
  • Superannuation
  • Basic PPE
  • Regular support and visits
  • Plus more!

Only pay us for work provided!

We DO NOT Invoice you when your apprentice or trainee is;

  • on annual leave
  • taking sick leave
  • for public holidays when they don't work
  • wages whilst at college
  • for RDO's if applicable

DGT is your business partner for your employment needs. We are always there to assist you and your apprentice from Day 1 of employment til Day done!

Bear in mind, if you take an apprentice on directly through an Apprenticeship Centre (such as MEGT) none of these costs are covered.  Plus our services as a GTO are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE - which means more money kept in your business at tax time. 

If you are ready for the challenge of hiring an apprentice, but want your time and priorities to remain with your business whilst someone else takes the time to find your best match, then we are here to help. 

Great! How do we do this?

Step 1: Register your Interest with DGT

Regardless of which path you will ultimately choose in hiring your apprentice, it is essential that you reach out to us by providing a few details to let us know you're ready to hire an apprentice.

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Step 2: Sit back and relax 

We will be in touch to listen to your needs and then get about recruiting on your behalf! We keep you updated on all progress and get in touch when its ready to meet your candidates!

Step 3: Choose your protégé

With our guidance make the best choice possible on who you will be imparting your valuable time, skills and efforts onto. Once you've decided we do all the paperwork to make the magic happen! 

Step 4: Mentor and Enjoy

Impart your knowledge and practical know-how and we will help you take care of the rest, including off site training and full support at anytime you need it. 

Our team are passionate about helping you mentor tomorrow's leaders for the betterment of all, and as a Host Employer you are vital to the future of our community and in creating opportunities for our young people.

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