Our Team

Our Team

Meet the magic makers!

We are extremely proud of every DGT team member and below have shared some information about the team that make the magic happen!

Darren McDonell

Darren McDonell


Our ship's captain steering the way. Darren has injected youth, enthusiasm and excitement for the years ahead into our company. 

Boasting the top spot of CEO since May 2013 Darren has led the company into solution based employment and training services.

With over 18 years (get this man a medal!) dedicated to working in the employment and training sector, Darren is more than well equipped to lead our team in creating exciting solutions for our community for a brighter and more vibrant future.  

Darren has exemplary experience working in Group Training, Registered Training Organisations (RTO's), community agencies, job networks, new Apprenticeship Centres and recruitment agencies. 

Interestingly, Darren commenced his career as an apprentice mechanic, proving he can not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. Since then Darren has forged a successful career both managing and mentoring apprentices and staff to forge their own career paths.

Darren is passionate about continuing education and has recently completed his MBA. 

Kyle Quinlan

Kyle Quinlan

Operations Manager

Kyle joins us with a wealth of experience, with nearly 10 years' expertise in Human Resource Management, Recruitment, Consulting, and Organisational Development. Kyle has worked with senior leaders in organisations, and lead project teams to improve people outcomes within the business. He has worked with a variety of industries, including agriculture, professional services, government, IT, education, retail, and hospitality.

Kyle not only talks the talk but he also walks the walk having gained his Masters in HR Management, a Graduate Certificate in International Relations, a Bachelor in Multimedia and if that wasn't enough he is also enrolled to Monash studying a Diploma of Psychology! 

Kyle specialises in organisational development and consulting and has happily stepped naturally into the role of Operations Manager. 

Kyle's role involves supporting the day to day running of both sides of the business for DGT.


Alfonso Munoz

Alfonso Munoz

Training Manager

Seeking to upgrade your business through training? Perhaps you are looking to upskill your career? Alfonso Munoz is the man to talk to. 

An expert in education and a powerhouse in training, you can be sure Alfonso is a man that delivers. 

Leading our team of dedicated trainers and support superstars in providing quality training and assessment services.

Appropriately our Training Manager boasts an impressive list of qualifications as below;

  • Diploma Work Health & Safety
  • Certificate IV Work Health & Safety
  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment

and statements of attainment in:

  • TAELLN411 Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills
  • 30782 Course in Functioning as a Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator
  • BSBOHS508 Participate in the Investigation of Incidents (ICAM Lead Investigator Training)
  • Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCOHS1001A
  • Fire Safety Adviser

You can be sure you are in safe hands with Alfonso. Talk to him today about your business or personal training requirements. 

Marsha Schwenke

Marsha Schwenke

Employment Services Co-ordinator

Seeking your next apprentice? Maybe your next recruit? Perhaps you require Labour Hire temporarily? Whatever employment solution you are looking for Marsha is your gal! 

Working to lead the Employment Services team to deliver DGT’s quality offerings in the areas of apprenticeships, traineeships, labour hire and permanent recruitment. 

Marsha ensures that the solution you are looking for is found with her teams help.

Marsha does the work she does in her own words;

“To enhance the employment prospects of people within the community in which we serve and to develop long lasting relationships with clients that see the benefit in training and mentoring the next generation of workers”

Marsha brings over 5 years management experience to the table, having run both professional labour hire and recruitment businesses previously. She has also spent time working in the Jobactive space assisting the unemployed to source meaningful employment. 

With a Certificate IV in Business (Sales) whilst also part way through a Diploma in Business and Human Resources Management we couldn’t be more thrilled having Marsha at the helm.  

“It is wonderful to speak to business owners now that were once an apprentice some years ago with DGT and how far they have come.”

So if you're seeking your next career match with an apprentice or local business get in touch with Marsha today. 

Mal  Harders

Mal Harders

Employment Consultant

Are you a business who needs a consistent and reliable contact when hosting an apprentice?

Are you an apprentice who needs someone who "just get's it"?

Then your search is over, meet Mal. 

Having dedicated 15 Years of service working within group training you can rely on Mal to bring experience, expertise and superb problem solving ability.

Proving his mettle and showing he can walk the walk Mal began as an apprentice panel beater and spent the next 18 years working in the automotive and engineering industries on the tools.

Mal has mentored three of his apprentices to achieve the coveted title of Toowoomba & Darling Downs Apprentice of the Year Awards and had one apprentice win the QLD finals for Apprentice of the Year! As it that wasn't enough he also produced two School based Industry Apprentice of the Years. 

"We chose you because of Mal" was the primary reason one of our employers gave for dealing with our company for over 5 years. 

We appreciate that our Mal is a golden egg and ensure he has all he needs to continue to deliver the excellence we have become accustomed to. 

Kimberley Jessen

Kimberley Jessen

Business Development

Is your business workforce ready? Perhaps an apprentice or trainee will help bolster your productivity whilst protecting your bottom line. 

If you are looking to join us as a host employer - Kimberley is your gal. 

Kimberley joins DGT from an extensive background in sales and business development within the real estate over 8 years. Her strength lies in her honest, hard working approach and genuine caring nature. 

Empowered and prepared with the knowledge of how Group Training can assist local businesses to achieve better outcomes for their community, Kimberley is ready to listen to your needs and provide a Group Training solution for you. 

Once you meet Kimberley you will know how she boasts such long term clients and relationships within business. 

Kimberley will be focusing on new business development for labour hire and will be assisting new or previous hosts to reconnect with suitable candidates.

Kimberley has access to DGT's extensive candidate pool to assist local businesses when looking to recruit for employment short or long term, labour hire and of course for new trainees and apprentices.

Kimberley does what she does because in her own words -

It's an ever changing landscape. I am privileged to be meeting and connecting with people from a variety of backgrounds or trades all with incredibly interesting stories to tell. To be included in their ongoing story and to somehow assist them in improving themselves or their business couldn't make me happier.

Sound like she can help your business?

Go on then, pop her an email, we promise it will be worth your while. 


Sonny Pan

Sonny Pan

Trainer - Construction

Looking for training that will upskill and empower you?

Need a genuine mentor with industry know how and experience to support you into a trades pathway?

Then you can't go past our man Sonny Pan. 

Sonny by name and sunny by nature. We are proud to introduce our Construction training extraordinnaire. 

With a whopping 31 years construction industry experience, Sonny offers an unrivalled level of hands on know how. This is paired with a level of genuine compassion for his students rarely seen in this industry. 

He excels when training students who may have faced challenges in prior learning environments. Sonny ensures he is providing a safe environment and team that supports each other with confidence and passion. 

In his own words, as we couldn't put it better if we tried -

"I care about passing on life experience and knowledge established in industry. To help the coming generation help themselves and our planet, whilst re-instating the word and meaning of RESPECT."

James Hibbins

James Hibbins

Civil and Traffic Management Whiz

James is our go to man when it comes to training and assessing all things Civil and Traffic Management. 

"Seek to solve, not to blame" is his professional mantra.

Using his outstanding communication skills, extensive industry knowledge, generous attitude and kind spirit James sets about solving training puzzles everyday for businesses and individuals alike. 

Boasting 9 years in the Civil Construction industry, paired with magnificent qualifications we are proud to call James ours. 

With a passion for workplace health and safety James is often found assisting colleague’s by coaching and mentoring WHS techniques and methods in the interest of accident or injury prevention.

James believes in providing leadership to a team through example and action, in his own words "Excellence is everything".

Check out the courses you can take with James here.


Ethan  McCleverty

Ethan McCleverty

Construction Trainer

Filled with a passion for all things carpentry, Ethan has the real world skills, the street smarts and the practical sensibility to bring you the most immersive and hands on training experience. 

The main reason Ethan does what he does today was inspired by his own challenging apprenticeship experience. It was during this hard time that Ethan realised he could use what he had learnt to help others have a more fulfilling and less challenging experience.  

"I saw the opportunity to help others gain skills and knowledge more effectively whilst having more fun by drawing on my own experiences in order to help them achieve great success"

What better industry to help others gain skills and knowledge then in the training industry. "I enjoy training as I get to work with people that are keen to learn and I get a lot of satisfaction watching them develop and progress in their skills and knowledge."

Ethan gained his apprenticeship in Residential and Commercial Construction then took the big step into creating his own Carpentry business. 

After realising his interests lie in teaching Ethan joined DGT as a Construction Trainer in 2014 for a year until the lure of lucrative carpentry work again won him over. 

We are super glad to see him back with us in 2017 and more passionate than ever in teaching the next generation of Carpenters just how its done!

Susannah Schulz

Susannah Schulz

Trades Assistant

Look out for our Super Suz who can be seen donning her superwoman cape and cruising around as our in house Trades Assistant! Whatever our tradesmen trainers need to assist them in teaching the trainees, Suz is there assisting in anyway she can on-site and in the workshop.

Suz's talent and helpfulness was spotted when she completed her Certificate I in Construction with DGT as part of the Skilling Queenslanders for work Toowoomba Construction Project. 

Suz made such an impression that DGT reached out and hired her to ensure her enthusiasm and go get 'em attitude was passed onto all of the other trainees within the program. 

Suz has a solid grounding in the industry having designed houses for the past 7 years! Holding her current QBCC Building Design Licence & Certificate I in Construction she is more than well equipped in helping trainees get their start. 

The main reason she decided to join DGT in her own words "To do what I can to help others and the community, while gaining more hands on experience in the construction industry." 

Suz loves this industry describing it as very rewarding and when asked why she describes it this was she says "Because everyday I see people develop skill levels relative to their chosen industry, grow in confidence within themselves and I have the ability to help them reach their goals in life!"

Well we have to agree Suz that does sound rewarding. Be sure if you see Suz around shoot her a smile and hope you get one of those beaming smiles of hers back to make your day.


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