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Why GTO vs AASN?

News Article from Tuesday 13th February 2018

There are plenty of young people out there who are looking for apprenticeships and traineeships, but in many cases the door of opportunity is simply not being opened to them. 

This is where the team at DGT and our local employers need to step in and step up for the future of our young people. 

When looking to hire or bring on an apprentice or trainee it is important to note exactly the ways in which you can do that and which way of hiring apprentices may suit you best. 

We will explore directly employing apprentices then working with an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) versus engaging a Group Training Organisation (GTO) to partner with your company in providing and supporting apprentices or trainees for your business.

The table below lists the apprenticeship services each will provide for you.

GTO's generally provide around 25 more services than AASN's typically, saving you hours of paperwork and time.

This means there is a large amount of value you can gain for your business by partnering with a GTO like DGT for apprentices or trainees.

GTO's do the heavy lifting and support you through your apprenticeship journey, leaving you the time to focus on your business. 


Services provided prior to the commencement of apprenticeship/traineeship 

Advise on appropriate qualification for position
Provide costing for apprenticeship/traineeship  placement   
One hourly charge rate that includes : wages and entitlements  
One point of contact for total management of the apprenticeship/traineeship
Positions vacant advertising  
Short listing interviews for applications  
Industry aptitude testing   
Free Construction “White card” course if applicable   

Services provided at commencement of apprenticeship/traineeship 

Employment of the Apprentice/Trainee     
Full Apprentice/Trainee Induction
Training Contract induction   
Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Induction
OH&S Induction and testing (industry specific)  
RTO bookings for apprentice or trainee  
Supply basic industry specific Personal Protection Equipment    

Services provided during the apprenticeship/traineeship 

Payroll Management    
Full payroll facilities and administration  
Management of WorkCover, superannuation & entitlements  
WorkCover is covered on GTO WorkCover policy  
Notification of annual wage/allowance increases  
Rates of pay and allowances regarding upgrade to next stage of apprenticeship  
Updated costing provided to Host employers regarding changes to pay rates
Advise on and provide application support regarding  all government  allowances
Regular structured visits from an Employment Consultant  
Industrial relations advice and information  
Apprentice/Trainee performance and case management  -  including  regular progress reports  
Mediation and dispute resolution services   
Relocate apprentice or trainee if required  
Provision of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)  
Access to discounted nationally recognised training, tools & PPE  for all apprentices & trainees.  
“Out of Trade” apprentice information including:  
Associated upgrade dates to progress through to _completion  
Liaise with Training providers to ascertain “cross credits” achieved  
Review commencement level  

Now you can see just how much GTO's can do for you when considering apprentices or trainees, why not register your interest in being a host employer with DGT or contact us to have a confidential discussion regarding your needs. 


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